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Homes should be a safe haven – the most secure place in our lives. Within them are our most valuable possessions, memories, pets and people. vertemax™ security’s home and small business focus on instilling trust and confidence that your home or workplace is being kept safe. “Did you know? According to Home Office research, 84% of burglars avoid properties with a burglar alarm” Protecting them from theft or fire is therefore essential. Yet, startling statistics show that in 2017 over 438 971 of all homes in the UK were burgled and that over 30 96 experience a fire incident, are timely reminders to us all of the importance to put adequate protection in place - protection you can rely on and trust at all times. We can be that company for you, installing, monitoring and maintaining the latest expert recommended systems. Covering both your home and small business security and fire protection systems, our Alarm Centre watches out for your home and provides a personal contact for you 24/7/365. Our well-trained customer service team are also there for you, offering advice, support and reassurance when you need it. CCTV Systems CCTV systems are proving to be the ideal solution to home security needs. Cost-effective and flexible, our CCTV installations can be a stand-alone system or integrated into a more extensive security solution. We can offer the latest IP CCTV camera technology solutions: Ultra High Definition; ANPR; Facial recognition; AI Analytics; PTZ Cameras; Wireless Cameras/Video Verification PIRs and Cloud recording. Remote CCTV access can be achieved by connecting the CCTV to your home or business network. With an encrypted Peer to Peer mobile app, you can view the system where ever you are in the world on any iOS or Android device. 24 Hour Response With your home connected to our Alarm Centre, our operators are available 24 hours a day. They are also there to help you in any situation. In the event of an emergency, our trusted team will always carry out a check of the accommodation. Smart Starter Kit Our starter kit is a great way to introduce security into your home. It includes a wireless control panel, two movement detectors, a door sensor and an external bell box which can be connected to your smartphone via an app. Every home is unique, and we can tailor any system to suit your needs. Please send us an enquiry, and we will be in touch the same day.

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